Simple. Smart. Effective.

That’s our mantra, we repeat it often. It’s evident in everything we do. From start to finish, we apply this principle throughout the entire creative process. To us, it’s not just a tagline, but a studio culture and philosophy. But what does it really mean?

Simple. Don’t over think the concept. Don’t overwork the design. Keep it simple. When I was younger, I was impressed by the words of the British mathematician, Jacob Bronowski, who said that the most complex problems of the universe were often solved by asking the most simple of questions. We’re adept at turning complex problems into exquisitely simple solutions. That's how we roll.

Smart. To us, smart means making intelligent choices and the right decisions. It's efficiency, both in language and design. It's making the most with what you have and not expending unnecessary effort and dollars for little added benefit. It also means we credit people's innate intelligence. We trust “smart,” and it always pays off.

Effective. Get the first two right and the third will fall into place.

Bob Grimes, Creative Director